Scavenger Fun!

We hope everyone stayed safe and dry despite the brutal hurricane this weekend.  Our thoughts are with those who have suffered damage as we wish for a fast recovery.

Last weekend, however, the New York weather was quite the opposite--clear, crisp, and sunny.  It was a perfect day for our first HappyDoll Scavenger Hunt!

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon, about 20 of us met up underneath the Washington Square Arch, and the game was on.  This scavenger hunt targeted a younger audience in their 20's and early 30's to recruit HappyDoll supporters who could spread the word about our organization through various social media platforms. Since one of the biggest goals of the event was to create an opportunity for our friends to meet each other, the team members were selected at random, using our HappyDoll lottery system.

As a way for our participants to learn more about  our organization as they play the game, each check-in activity was inspired by "the happydoll-making-process".  For example, we kicked off the hunt with an ice-breaker game entitled "Stuff Your Face with Cotton Candy!", where the teams had to run, carrying cotton candy with a pair of chopsticks and feed it to another teammate.  Team "Candyman and the Dolls" won the competition, getting a head start with 15 points!

The teams had to answer and complete as many questions and tasks as possible while they checked-in to mandatory check-in points.  What kind of tasks you may ask.  Here's a good example: "Release your inner goddess! Do Yoga with your HappyDoll on the lawn (+10 points if you share the photo on facebook)"

The first check-in point was located at a brand new bar that just opened in the heart of Greenwich Village called The Malt House.  Here, each members had to sew a HappyDoll just like our volunteers.  Once they completed the task, they were given a clue to the final check-in point (The IFC Center).

At the movie theater, the teams stamped the HappyDoll and received popcorns before making it back to the Malt House to submit their answers and HappyDoll in time.  Once the teams reached the bar, they celebrated wit special $2 HappyDoll cocktails, and mingled until the winner was announced.

It was a close call, but the Team "Candyman and the Dolls" won the race by 8 points. (They were saved by the points earned from the cotton candy race!) Every member received the winning prize, which was a $25 brunch ticket (including 2 hours of all you can drink mimosa, bellini, and bloody mary) at The Malt House!


In 2 hours, we raised a total of $660, made new friends, rediscovered Greenwich Village, and enjoyed each other's company.  We would like to thank all of our participants for being a great sport!

We would also like to thank The Malt House for being such a wonderful host. It is now officially HappyDoll's favorite bar, and we recommend all of our friends to visit for a good time.

Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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