Dolls for Brooke

Brooke's Blossoms
A few years ago, we met a special girl named Brooke Hester, who made some beautiful HappyDolls! Brooke is currently battling Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer, and her journey with the disease has lead her down a path of discovery and hope, to one day find a cure for childhood cancers.
Brooke's organization, Brooke's Blossoms was created to help children globally fighting all kinds of pediatric cancer. The foundation provides hand crafted head wear to patients during the difficulties of hair loss, and also raises awareness over the serious need to both find and fund cures for pediatric cancer.
One unique trait of these headpieces is that they all contain large, beautifully designed flowers--Brooke loves flowers as it always brightened her day when she'd receive them in the hospital during treatments. Unfortunately not allowed to keep them by her bedside, her family came up with an alternative: emulating the beauty of these flowers through Brooke's headpieces. 
Today, we are going to be sending Brooke 6 HappyDolls from a recent event with our friend Marissa and her coworkers in Westport, Connecticut, along with a few other dolls from some friends across the US. We chose these dolls specifically to send to Brooke, as they are all beautifully decorated with flowers.
Please visit Brooke's page to read more about her journey, as well as the wonderful work that Brooke's Blossoms does for children around the world. 
As Brooke's Blossoms says, "No smile is too small to go unnoticed..."