HappyDolls on their way to Kenya!

A couple weeks ago, we sat down for dinner with our new friend Leah Auma Okeyo. Leah is an amazing, and well accomplished woman. A mother of six, she began her quest for change as she raised her family in a rural town in Kenya, where she saw little opportunity for a strong education for her children, and witnessed first hand the devastation that HIV/AIDS was causing her community. Motivated for change, this is when Leah began her quest to spread her message of empowerment, and teach other women and girls how to find their voice.
Leah turned to the internet to connect on a global scale and is a firm believer in connection. She began the non-governmental organization Pacho in Kenya, which works with women and communities in Kenya to empower them  with sustainable resources that educate them on HIV and rights, use these women's craft skills as a way of generating income, and give support to girls and orphans to continue with their education and lead fulfilling lives.
We are thrilled to be partnering with Leah to send 30 decorated HappyDolls and 30 blank HappyDolls to one of her orphanages at the end of this month. The decorated dolls that we are sending come from two separate HappyDoll parties: one that took place in New Zealand and the other from kindergarteners from a low-income school in Hong Kong.
Dolls for Leah's Orphanage in Kenya--Feb 2014
The children at Leah's Orphanage have volunteered to send us back their 30 uniquely decorated dolls at the end of their session, so we are excited to be able to send these HappyDolls onto further travels!
Please read more about Leah and the inspirational work she has done: http://leahokeyo.weebly.com/