Valentine's Day Love

This Valentine's Day, we'd like to share with you a beautiful story of love and friendship. Recently we wrote about our friend Brooke and the six flower-filled HappyDolls we sent her last month as she continues to battle Neuroblastoma cancer. In this shipment, we also provided Brooke with a blank HappyDoll to decorate. She decided to decorate her doll specially for her new friend Lily-Mae Morrison, whom she met during treatment.
Brooke & Lily-Mae
As you know, usually the newly decorated dolls come back to the HappyDoll Office for their further travels, but we couldn't be happier that Brooke decided to have her doll travel home with Lily-Mae!


Lily-Mae, originally from Ireland, was diagnosed on June 1st, 2012 with Neuroblastoma cancer (read more about Lily-Mae's story on her facebook page). Her family took her to America for treatments and here is where the two met, and instantly formed a strong bond.


Lily-Mae now is almost 17 weeks CANCER FREE! Before she made her trip home to Ireland at the end of January, Brooke gave Lily-Mae her HappyDoll to take back so they could remain close, no matter how far away they were from each other--Two fighters, one journey, both continuing to search for a cure.


How are you going to share your LOVE this Valentines Day?