A Special Day With The Students of YCS Ernest M. May Academy!

YCS May Academy YCS May Academy

At the end of April, we mentioned on our facebook page that we were given the great pleasure of meeting and working with a very special group of children, at YCS Ernest M. May Academy in Jersey City, New Jersey! We’d like to tell you a little bit more about their school, and our wonderful experience.

We were first introduced to YCS schools by our dear friend, Yuka Nakamura at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU). She introduced us to some wonderful ladies at YCS, Robin and the school Principal Ms. Clare Burke, who then helped us coordinate the entire event!

YCS serves students, grades K – 12, with diverse behavioral issues in four schools in Bergen, Essex and Hudson counties (of New Jersey). Students come to the YCS schools when a more structured educational program is needed for them to thrive in a learning environment.

The school provides a unique educational experience, where students gain emotional awareness and social competence, all the while developing the cognitive abilities necessary for success. This is encouraged specifically through gym, art, creative writing and music instruction, and the innovative approach to teaching attracts many dedicated teachers and administrators who, in turn, create the right environment for educating children with special needs.

We worked specifically with the students of the Primary 1 class--an adorable group of young boys in grades 2-4.

YCS May Academy

The boys received HappyDolls decorated by other children from around the world, and were able to keep these dolls to play with and track on their further travels. The students then decorated their own dolls to send back with us.

YCS May Academy

We’d like to share 3 powerful messages that were written on the back of  2 of the dolls. These messages speak volumes to the student's strengths, courage, and spirits:

  1. Everybody is the same, but everybody has their own imagination
  2. I stop the world from danger
  3. Do not give up

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It was such an honor to meet the students and teachers at YCS May Academy, and we had such a fun day!

If you’d like to learn more about YCS Schools, and all the great work that they do, please visit their website: http://www.ycs.org.

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