HappyDoll Goes to Queens

July 7, 2014: ThinkingCAP Kew Gardens On a hot day in July, HappyDoll had the pleasure to take a trip to Queens to help kick start the ThinkingCAP summer camp in Kew Gardens.

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We met the wonderful Kinga, who is running the camp, and she immediately ushered everyone out of the main room so we could set up.

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The camp is located on a lovely street right next to the train station and has backyard views of a great outdoor café for those parents to escape to after dropping their children off.

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After setting up the room with blank dolls, markers, and 30 chairs squeezed into the room, the chaos began!

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Children eagerly held their blank dolls and clamored over each other to get the right colored marker. The energy in the room was unbelievable as even the counselors got in the fun, decorating dolls themselves.



As photo 3today was a Japanese holiday called “Tanabata” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata) we encouraged the children to write downs wishes or messages of goodwill on their dolls to be passed through the hands of children around the world.

After a photo shoot of everyone’s newly decorated dolls, the children played with each other until it was time for the Bon Voyage ceremony. Generosity did not seem to be an issue with this group.

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As a parting gift, we in turn gave them each a doll that had already made its rounds around the globe to keep. We loved seeing their expressions and excitement in receiving a doll from Ghana, Japan, and many other countries.

We are so glad we got to witness HappyDoll’s impact on the local community and know that even after this one session, we could connect children around the world even further.

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It was a wonderful day in Kew Gardens with this happy bunch and we look forward to decorating with them in the future!

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