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Happy Labdoo!

Our dearest friends, Jordi (founder of & his wife Laia There are moments when you meet someone and feel a spark, a rush of excitement, an instant connection.  When we first met our friends, Jordi and Laia, that is exactly what we felt.

Since then, our friendship turned into a collaboration with, an organization that Jordi founded in Barcelona to deliver excess laptops to children in developing countries by using grassroots social networking tools.  Through this project, our HappyDolls traveled to children in Nigeria and Dominican Republic!

In January, Jordi and his wife, Laia, surprised us with the news that they will be living in  New York for a few months. We were ecstatic, and Laia joined us many times as a volunteer at our stuffing sessions.  Sadly, it's time for our friends to return to Spain, but we won't say good bye just yet since we know we will see each other again very soon.


The couple has given us a lovely parting gift--a panel of pictures of the collaboration. Message on the panel: "Thank you for spreading joy around the world and for all the wonderful collaborative work."


A big thank you to Jordi, Laia, and We can't wait to collaborate with you again.

Bon voyage and see you soon!

Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting news coming your way…

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Traveling Dreams -Sendai to DC-


Mayor Miles and her beautiful daughter & granddaughters

Do you remember the 100 HappyDolls  made last March in Washington DC? These dolls were decorated by 100 children at the National Cherry Blossom Festival. We are so proud to announce that the dolls have traveled over mountains, rivers, and the ocean,  and  arrived in the arms of the children at Muse-no-Yume, a non-profit organization providing art and music programs for special needs children in Sendai, Miyagi, where the tsunami hit in 2011. The dolls arrived just in time for the special music concert celebrating the organization's 5th anniversary.

HappyDoll Session in Washington DC


In return, the Japanese children made 100 HappyDolls to send back to the other side of the globe... According to Muse-no-Yume, making and decorating dolls are therapeutic experiences for many children and families affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Dolls made by children at MUSE NO YUME and local newspaper

Founder and Director of Muse No Yume, Atsuko Yagi

A"Bon Voyage Ceremony” was held during the music concert to send off the newly decorated dolls. It was an emotionally moving ceremony, where 100 Japanese children held their one-of-a kind dolls as they sang together beautifully. What did they sing? A very special original happydoll song composed by New York Artist, Aya Nishina!


The HappyDoll journey doesn't end here! On Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  these dolls traveled from Japan all the way to Washington D.C and visited the children at Chance Academy. On this day, local children gathered  at the performing arts center, Joe's Movement Emporium, to decorate HappyDolls as part of community service in honor of Dr. King.

We had the honor of meeting the President, Ms. Anna Bernanke, and Mayor Miles, Mayor of Mount Rainier MD, and her granddaughters who attend the academy.  Once again, a total of 100 dolls were decorated by the children of Chance Academy and the mayor!

Here's a lovely comment from Anna:

"Having Happy Doll at our event was truly amazing.  It was such a perfect combination of fun and community service.  I am so excited that your work continues to grow and to help children around the world.  Dr. King's message was universal and having an international organization with which to share this dream was especially exciting.  Our MLK Day celebration is an annual event.  I am hopeful that we can have Happy Doll as part of our activities next year! "

HappyDoll Director, Nozomi, with President Anna Bernanke


The journey which began last March in DC seems to have made a full circle...But there's always that same question: Where will these dolls go?

Anna and her friends have a special place in mind for these dolls...Stay tuned to find out!

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