Important Notice for HappyDoll Gala Guests


3rd Annual Holiday Gala


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH 6:30 - 9PM RSVP REQUIRED  1301 6th Avenue (between 52nd & 53rd street) The Cowen Group, 44th Floor Cocktails, Hors d'Oeuvres, Entertainment, Auctions and More! Dress Code: Business Casual


  • please present your ID at the security desk and mention the keyword "HappyDoll."
  • if you haven't made a donation yet to attend the Gala, remember to bring cash, credit card, or check.
  • friends' & guests' names must be submitted by today.
  • we have shared a list of the auction items on our previous blog post, so please have a look!

Thanks to YOUR support our dolls have traveled the world connecting thousands of children with a smile. We look forward to celebrating another successful year with you!


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HappyDoll Annual Gala: Guests & Gifts Sneak Peek

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Why come to our Annual Holiday Gala? Here's a sneak peek of what to expect at the upcoming event!


Our Annual Holiday Gala will feature very special guests of honor, HappyDoll ambassador twins, Nithya and Kavya Borra.  The twins discovered our organization when they visited their mother at her office on Take Your Children to Work Day hosted by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi last August.  This was the beginning of our amazing friendship.

After participating in the HappyDoll stuffing session at the bank, the Borra Sisters reached out to us with a brilliant idea: As part of their trip to India to visit family in the summer, they nominated themselves as HappyDoll Ambassadors to deliver the dolls to children facing hardships in India.


As a result, the twins visited 2 organizations on their travels to India this summer -Valmiki Foundation Ashajyothi Foundation- where they hosted a HappyDoll session and delivered 160 decorated /100 blank dolls from the US.  The dolls decorated at these institutions in India have since traveled to children in GHANA.

At the Gala, the Borra Sisters will talk about their journey to India and their experience as HappyDoll ambassadors. Please join us for a special evening and meet our amazing ladies!


★ LUNCH FOR TWO at Junoon ($ 200 value)

★ DINNER FOR TWO at Bohemian.

★ ONE FOURSOME at Trump National Golf Club ($2,000 value)

Convinced? GOOD! Now go here and please click RSVP YES!

Stay tuned--We'll continue to post more about our gifts!

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HappyDoll's 3rd Annual Holiday Gala!


3rd Annual Holiday Gala


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH 6:30PM - 9PM RSVP REQUIRED (No Walk-ins) 1301 6th Avenue (between 52nd & 53rd street) The Cowen Group, 44th Floor Cocktails, Hors d'Oeuvres, Entertainment, Auctions and More! Dress Code: Business Casual

Thanks To YOUR Support, Our Dolls Have Traveled the World Connecting Thousands of Children with a Smile


DONATION LEVELS $1,000: Platinum Sponsor -includes 10 tickets to the Gala -20 adopted dolls

$500: Gold Sponsor -includes 5 tickets to the Gala -10 adopted dolls

$100: Silver Sponsor -includes 2 tickets to the Gala -2 adopted dolls

$50: Individual -includes 1 ticket to the Gala -1 adopted doll

*What does it mean to "adopt" a doll? If you RSVP and attend our Gala, you get to decorate a doll at the event and receive tracking numbers to track your dolls!

If you donate but cannot make it to the event, you will receive an email with tracking numbers of the HappyDolls which you have sponsored, decorated by other children.

*The auction item list will be updated on this blog and our facebook page so keep checking back!

The non-tax deductible portion of each ticket is $10. HappyDoll is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. HappyDoll.org is not affiliated with any other company or organization of similar name.

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It's June! Come Volunteer with HappyDoll


Happy Summer, everyone!

To kick off the summer, we're holding a doll stuffing volunteer session with AHRC on June 7th.  If you're interested in joining us, please get in touch by emailing info@happydoll.org by Thursday (June 6th).

This past weekend was full of excitement. Do you remember our last collaboration with MIKI HOUSE? This event was such a huge success that we were offered to work with them again at Bloomingdale's San Francisco Centre last Saturday!

The decorated dolls were donated to the children at Hamilton Family Center, a non-profit organization that supports healthy development of children and youth experiencing homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area.




A big thanks to the fashionista kids and their parents for visiting the Miki House HappyDoll booth.

By the way, June is volunteer month at Morgan Stanley New York office and we've got the following stuffing sessions lined up. Shoot us an email if you would like to join us for any of these dates:

June 13th: 4-6pm

June 14th: 2-5pm

June 19th: 2-5pm

June 21st: 2-5pm

June 26th: 12-2pm

June 28th: 12:30-2:30pm

We have more volunteer opportunities! JUST ASK.

Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting news coming your way…

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HappyDoll Sister Ambassadors

HappyDoll and MUFG Honor Children of Newtown In January, HappyDoll worked on a collaborative project with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ by holding a special HappyDoll session in honor of the victims of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Children of employees decorated 17 beautiful HappyDolls in memory of the young children who had lost their lives.

HappyDoll Sandy Hook

The dolls sponsored by the employees were generously matched by the bank, enabling HappyDoll to double the number of dolls that will be donated around the world.

Our collaboration with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ doesn't end here.  Last summer, we met our volunteer, Kiran Borra, and her two daughters at at the Take Your Children to Work Day hosted by the bank.


 The Borra sisters, Kavya and Nithya, had such a great time stuffing the HappyDolls that they have volunteered to become HappyDoll Ambassadors  by delivering the dolls themselves to children facing hardships.  The sisters will travel to India this summer to visit their parents' homeland and donate the dolls on behalf of the bank. We can't wait to hear what kind of adventure they will have in India!

We are also excited to announce that HappyDoll has been invited by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ to participate at their Take Your Children to Work Day again this year.

Stay tuned because we'll follow these young ambassadors and update you on their journey!

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Be Inspired. Be an Inspiration.


(from left: Our volunteer, Andy An; Director of Development of the Boys & Girls Club, Wycliffe Daniels; Founder & Executive Director, Nozomi Terao; and our new intern, Travis Hill)

Last week, we had a very special HappyDoll event with the children affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Our new volunteer Travis, who is currently studying social entrepreneurship at NYU, was able to join us!

We asked him to share his experience with you:

"On Tuesday, March 26th, I traveled to Hoboken, New Jersey to connect with the Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County and a non-profit called HappyDoll. During the visit, nearly 70 boys and girls decorated HappyDolls and then generously donated them to other children around the world. Early on in the event, however, it became clear that this was much more than just an exchange of dolls.


From the outset, the beauty of diversity was highlighted by the children’s interest in the different dolls from across the globe. The dolls from Uganda, Japan, and Honduras received particular attention with the children of the Boys and Girls Club wanting to learn more about the cultures of these newly discovered places.


Additionally, the children that had already been exposed to these cultures were able to offer their insights into these exciting locations. One boy in particular informed his peers that he used to live in France and wanted to write a message in French on the back of the doll. Several other children encouraged him and they each became excited to talk about and share the stories of their families.


It seemed that on a local level, the decoration process brought out a sense of both collaboration and diversity because the designs were a reflection of these unique and remarkable young people. When a child complimented a doll’s design, he or she was complimenting the child who made it. Considering that sharing and diversity played such an important role in thinking about the designs, everyone was proud to display these self-reflections.



Wycliffe Daniels, the Director of Development at the Boys and Girls Club commented that he saw kids within the Club making new interactions with each other as well. Youth of different ages and different schools worked together, inspiring one another’s designs and fostering curiosity.



As a college student, my peers and I are often guilty of closing our minds even in our pursuit of higher education. It is tempting to think that we know it all and that the world is a limited place. But being around these fresh and brilliant minds reminded me of what learning and experiencing is all about. I was astonished by how insightful and motivated these young people were. It was refreshing being around students that were so eager to learn and that were so confident in their questioning.



The most profound moment, however, was the final “Bon Voyage” ceremony. These young artists had put so much of themselves into their designs that giving the dolls up was a highly emotional moment. Even the older children, who had been more reserved at the beginning of the session, wanted to keep and show off their dolls. But in the end, they courageously decided to pass on their dolls to other children whom they had never met. This act of generosity demonstrated the children’s ability to think in the context of a global community. By giving up their dolls without expecting anything in return, they acknowledged the value in helping others prosper.




Selfless giving often creates moments of unexpected good. For the children at the Boys and Girls Club, this moment came thanks to the kindness of the first graders at the Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary School.

Girls Prep School LES

In January, the girls themselves participated with HappyDoll in decorating 74 dolls with the intention of giving them to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. These dolls came as a welcomed surprise to the Boys and Girls Club, who were then given the opportunity to experience a fuller perspective of giving in the most genuine sense of the word."



We hope Travis' experience gave you an insight into what HappyDoll.org is about!

This event was covered by the local media, The Jersey Journal, took some wonderful photos.

Finally, we would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to the Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County, to the Double Tree Hotel and their volunteers for providing snacks to the children, to our volunteers (Andy and Travis), and last but not the least, to all the children for sharing their creativity and love.

Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting events coming your way…

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HappyDolls take Manhattan!

HappyDolls take Manhattan!
On March 9th, we had a special collaborative event with Miki House USA at their store in Bloomingdale's New York!
The event was a huge success with many children visiting the store and creating their very special one-of-a-kind HappyDolls.
Wouldn't you like to see them in person? Well, it's your lucky day!
These lovely dolls are being displayed on the 8th floor of Bloomingdale's New York,
AND at the lobby of Child Mind Institute (56th street between Lex & Park) which you will be able to see through the window.
Take this  opportunity to shop at Bloomingdale's and walk over to 56th street to check out the inspiring HappyDolls decorated by New York kids before the end of the display in mid-April!
When the display is over, the dolls will travel to children across the globe--Wish them bon voyage!
(See here for our last event at Bloomingdale's Aventura in Miami. )
Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting events coming your way…
-Help lift the spirits of children in need by donating to happydoll.org-

Traveling Dreams -Sendai to DC-


Mayor Miles and her beautiful daughter & granddaughters

Do you remember the 100 HappyDolls  made last March in Washington DC? These dolls were decorated by 100 children at the National Cherry Blossom Festival. We are so proud to announce that the dolls have traveled over mountains, rivers, and the ocean,  and  arrived in the arms of the children at Muse-no-Yume, a non-profit organization providing art and music programs for special needs children in Sendai, Miyagi, where the tsunami hit in 2011. The dolls arrived just in time for the special music concert celebrating the organization's 5th anniversary.

HappyDoll Session in Washington DC


In return, the Japanese children made 100 HappyDolls to send back to the other side of the globe... According to Muse-no-Yume, making and decorating dolls are therapeutic experiences for many children and families affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Dolls made by children at MUSE NO YUME and local newspaper

Founder and Director of Muse No Yume, Atsuko Yagi

A"Bon Voyage Ceremony” was held during the music concert to send off the newly decorated dolls. It was an emotionally moving ceremony, where 100 Japanese children held their one-of-a kind dolls as they sang together beautifully. What did they sing? A very special original happydoll song composed by New York Artist, Aya Nishina!


The HappyDoll journey doesn't end here! On Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  these dolls traveled from Japan all the way to Washington D.C and visited the children at Chance Academy. On this day, local children gathered  at the performing arts center, Joe's Movement Emporium, to decorate HappyDolls as part of community service in honor of Dr. King.

We had the honor of meeting the President, Ms. Anna Bernanke, and Mayor Miles, Mayor of Mount Rainier MD, and her granddaughters who attend the academy.  Once again, a total of 100 dolls were decorated by the children of Chance Academy and the mayor!

Here's a lovely comment from Anna:

"Having Happy Doll at our event was truly amazing.  It was such a perfect combination of fun and community service.  I am so excited that your work continues to grow and to help children around the world.  Dr. King's message was universal and having an international organization with which to share this dream was especially exciting.  Our MLK Day celebration is an annual event.  I am hopeful that we can have Happy Doll as part of our activities next year! "

HappyDoll Director, Nozomi, with President Anna Bernanke


The journey which began last March in DC seems to have made a full circle...But there's always that same question: Where will these dolls go?

Anna and her friends have a special place in mind for these dolls...Stay tuned to find out!

Help lift the spirits of children in need by donating to happydoll.org


Have a Heart, Give a HappyDoll


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's no better way to show someone you care! Send a HappyDoll and spread the love. 

For all of February until March 31st, we'll be celebrating this wonderful tradition with a Valentine's Day Campaign! 

Use this promotion code "HAVEAHEART" on our Etsy page when you donate for a HappyDoll kit, and receive a $5 off per doll from normal sponsorship rate! That's not all. Do you remember our HappyDoll postcards?  If you get a HappyDoll kit during this campaign, you will receive the HappyDoll postcard set AND a Special Valentine's Day HappyDoll Postcard! (See below.)

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 5.49.18 PM

Pretty cute, huh? Make a HappyDoll and spread the love this Valentine's Day before the end of the campaign (March 31st) to receive this limited edition postcard!

The HappyDoll kits are not just perfect for community service programs and after school activities, but also for birthday parties, baby showers, and wedding showers.

We hope you have a very sweet Valentine's Day!

Hurry! RSVP and Win HappyDoll Prizes

Dear friends and family, We hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays! The fun isn't over yet, as the best part of the holiday season has yet to come.

Get ready to win prizes at the Holiday Event with HappyDoll and special guest chef, Josie Gordon on Wednesday, December 12th! 

Date: Wednesday, 12/12/12

Time: 6:30-9:00 pm (Program starts at 7:30 pm)

Place: VPL @5 Mercer Street (near Howard), New York, NY

Donation: $30.00 (tax deductible)

RSVP by Thursday, 12/6 to info@happydoll.org  (kids are welcome too!)

As HappyDoll.org approaches the end of its second year since the launch, this holiday event will mark a very important occasion for our organization. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors, volunteers, friends, and supporters for standing beside us as we continue to expand the circle of children connected by HappyDoll and spread the joy of giving.

We ask for your continued support, as your contribution is what keeps us going!

Please invite your friends to join to learn about the organization and help us spread the word about HappyDoll. New friends are always welcome!

At the event, New York-based chef and caterer, Josie, will share her delicious hors d'oeuvres and desserts, and we have chosen the perfect selection of wine to match her cuisine.

This year, we have prepared an exciting variety of prizes and auction items, which our supporters have graciously donated. Here's a sneak-peek of the fun lineup of prizes which you just might win at the event:

●Dinner for Two at Bohemian

$116 value

●Omakase (chef's choice) for Two at Gari

$300 value

●3 Classes at SoulCycle

$96.00 value

●Massage Therapy by Shoko Akiyama

90 minutes massage
$130.00 value

●2 Private Yoga Sessions by Erin Mallon

$200.00 value

●2 Flower Vases from Bungalow5

$156.00 value

●1-hour Private Running Session by Anthony Carillo

$125.00 value

 ●Four $25 Gift Certificates to FIVE GUYS plus 1 Original T-shirt & Cup

●Earrings from the Layla Collection by Mimi Johnson Design 

$68.00 value

●Bouquet of Flowers from Flowers by Special Arrangement

$50.00 value

●Gift Certificate from Flowers by Special Arrangement

$75.00 value

Trish McEvoy Make Up Set & Brow Shaping/ Makeup Lesson by makeup artist Lorenzo

$350.00 value


●Tea by ITO EN USA


●Wine by Grande Harvest Wines


●Cookbook "Party Like a Culinista" by Josie Gordon & Jill Donenfeld

$21.95 per book  x10 copies
Excited? So are we!

We hope you can come out on 12-12-2012 as it will surely be a very special day. One two, one two, we want to celebrate with you!