HappyDoll Annual Gala: Guests & Gifts Sneak Peek

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Why come to our Annual Holiday Gala? Here's a sneak peek of what to expect at the upcoming event!


Our Annual Holiday Gala will feature very special guests of honor, HappyDoll ambassador twins, Nithya and Kavya Borra.  The twins discovered our organization when they visited their mother at her office on Take Your Children to Work Day hosted by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi last August.  This was the beginning of our amazing friendship.

After participating in the HappyDoll stuffing session at the bank, the Borra Sisters reached out to us with a brilliant idea: As part of their trip to India to visit family in the summer, they nominated themselves as HappyDoll Ambassadors to deliver the dolls to children facing hardships in India.


As a result, the twins visited 2 organizations on their travels to India this summer -Valmiki Foundation Ashajyothi Foundation- where they hosted a HappyDoll session and delivered 160 decorated /100 blank dolls from the US.  The dolls decorated at these institutions in India have since traveled to children in GHANA.

At the Gala, the Borra Sisters will talk about their journey to India and their experience as HappyDoll ambassadors. Please join us for a special evening and meet our amazing ladies!


★ LUNCH FOR TWO at Junoon ($ 200 value)

★ DINNER FOR TWO at Bohemian.

★ ONE FOURSOME at Trump National Golf Club ($2,000 value)

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Stay tuned--We'll continue to post more about our gifts!

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HappyDoll Sister Ambassadors

HappyDoll and MUFG Honor Children of Newtown In January, HappyDoll worked on a collaborative project with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ by holding a special HappyDoll session in honor of the victims of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Children of employees decorated 17 beautiful HappyDolls in memory of the young children who had lost their lives.

HappyDoll Sandy Hook

The dolls sponsored by the employees were generously matched by the bank, enabling HappyDoll to double the number of dolls that will be donated around the world.

Our collaboration with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ doesn't end here.  Last summer, we met our volunteer, Kiran Borra, and her two daughters at at the Take Your Children to Work Day hosted by the bank.


 The Borra sisters, Kavya and Nithya, had such a great time stuffing the HappyDolls that they have volunteered to become HappyDoll Ambassadors  by delivering the dolls themselves to children facing hardships.  The sisters will travel to India this summer to visit their parents' homeland and donate the dolls on behalf of the bank. We can't wait to hear what kind of adventure they will have in India!

We are also excited to announce that HappyDoll has been invited by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ to participate at their Take Your Children to Work Day again this year.

Stay tuned because we'll follow these young ambassadors and update you on their journey!

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HappyDolls take Manhattan!

HappyDolls take Manhattan!
On March 9th, we had a special collaborative event with Miki House USA at their store in Bloomingdale's New York!
The event was a huge success with many children visiting the store and creating their very special one-of-a-kind HappyDolls.
Wouldn't you like to see them in person? Well, it's your lucky day!
These lovely dolls are being displayed on the 8th floor of Bloomingdale's New York,
AND at the lobby of Child Mind Institute (56th street between Lex & Park) which you will be able to see through the window.
Take this  opportunity to shop at Bloomingdale's and walk over to 56th street to check out the inspiring HappyDolls decorated by New York kids before the end of the display in mid-April!
When the display is over, the dolls will travel to children across the globe--Wish them bon voyage!
(See here for our last event at Bloomingdale's Aventura in Miami. )
Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting events coming your way…
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HappyDolls Follow the News!

Our friend sent us this very cute photo of two HappyDolls following the news of the newly-elected Pope Francis.image-2 We sent our friend a HappyDoll called Sanyu made in UGANDA.  Inspired, she made a very special New Yorker doll. Meet Ilana, our new HappyDoll and travel buddy for Sanyu! The name means "beautiful" in Hebrew. Together, the two dolls are on their way back to the HappyDoll office now. Where will they go next? Who will they visit? Follow them by typing the HappyDoll ID # on our tracking page: 121728 & 121476.


Stay tuned for more updates!

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