The countdown for the GHANA trip has begun!

Plane ticket? Check. Suitcase? Check. Dolls? Absolutely!


Last month, we launched The Ghana Challenge, a project to deliver 500 decorated dolls to the children in the village of Bognayili. Thanks to the overwhelming support, we were able to raise a grand total of $2,343 for this project!  We are deeply moved by your enthusiasm and kindness.


Here are some of our friends who joined us to support the project:

● Columbia Business School

photo 2

Our HappyDoll Ambassador, Kazushi, and his classmates from the Columbia Business School Executive MBA Program decorated these amazing dolls!  

Jeff Coffey, a student in the program, shared this comment with us: "This was an amazing break during a pretty stressful weekend and that was the best I felt all day…..I guess that experience made everyone's day a little brighter :)" 

Kazushi will actually be joining us in Ghana, where he will help us carry out the decorating session!

● The Borra Sisters (Nithya & Kavya) photo 1

Our Twin HappyDoll Ambassadors, Nithya and Kavya, visited 2 organizations on their travels to India this summer -Valmiki Foundation &  Ashajyothi Foundation- where they hosted a HappyDoll session and delivered decorated dolls from the US.  They brought back over 150 dolls decorated at these institutions in India, which will soon find homes with the children in GHANA.

● We also received many dolls from friends, Etsy supporters, and schools!


Our friend, Shun, who was visiting from Japan happened to stop by at our office so we asked him and our volunteer, Kazue, to decorate a doll for THE GHANA CHALLENGE!



Suitcases were donated by our friends Tomoko Torii, President of  Harmony for Peace Foundation, and Min Um-Mandhyan, Development and Communications Director of The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault.   As you can see, many people have stepped up and joined us to make this project possible. We can't wait to see the look on the children's faces when they receive these dolls full of love and positive messages!

Once again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported this project and helped us spread the word.


Stay tuned for more from HappyDoll!

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