Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We would like to start the new year with a message we received from the other side of the world:




Look at these beautiful smiles we received from Uganda!  They are the 55 children who made HappyDolls at the ASHINAGA Rainbow House in Nansana, Uganda.  We have worked very closely with ASHINAGA UGANDA, a NGO providing emotional and educational support to more than 800 orphans who have lost their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS.

Our HappyDoll Ambassador from Uganda, Shihoko tells us what it was like making HappyDolls with the children:
"I am so glad to tell you that the HappyDoll Session in Uganda was a HUGE SUCCESS!
The session was a bit chaotic (in a good way) with over 50 children, ecstatic to be able to decorate dolls.  Many of the children here have never even held a doll before, and I saw some of them cradling their dolls like babies.  Once the decorating session began, the children became very serious and I was surprised to see them so concentrated!
When it became time for the children to give away their dolls to send back to New York, some of them looked sad and reluctant to say good bye to their new friends.  However, when we surprised them with 55 colorful HappyDolls sent to Uganda from children all around the world, the children jumped and screamed in joy! I wish you could have seen their excitement. After they met their new little friends from overseas, the children were happy to send away their dolls so they could pass on the surprise and the joy to other kids. We cannot wait for our dolls to travel! Thank you so much."
We would like to thank Shihoko and the member of ASHINAGA, and most of all, the children in Uganda for making these beautiful dolls and sending us their smiles which proves to be contagious!
We look forward to many more smiles in the new year!