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Let us introduce one of our dedicated volunteers and special friends, BETTY!  She's helping us stuffing dolls and making blank dolls.  When she lost her husband in 2006, she invited her sister to go around the world with her and made so many new friends. Since then she's been keeping in touch with them still. Although she has no children, she has so many people who call her "MOM BETTY".  She smiles all the time, and gives the BEST HUGS. Her philosophy of her life is "LIVE IN THE MOMENT", and "HELPING OTHERS".

Important Notice for HappyDoll Gala Guests


3rd Annual Holiday Gala


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH 6:30 - 9PM RSVP REQUIRED  1301 6th Avenue (between 52nd & 53rd street) The Cowen Group, 44th Floor Cocktails, Hors d'Oeuvres, Entertainment, Auctions and More! Dress Code: Business Casual


  • please present your ID at the security desk and mention the keyword "HappyDoll."
  • if you haven't made a donation yet to attend the Gala, remember to bring cash, credit card, or check.
  • friends' & guests' names must be submitted by today.
  • we have shared a list of the auction items on our previous blog post, so please have a look!

Thanks to YOUR support our dolls have traveled the world connecting thousands of children with a smile. We look forward to celebrating another successful year with you!


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HappyDoll Annual Holiday Gala Gifts Revealed!

 Have you RSVP'd for our Annual Holiday Gala?

Get excited! Here's a list of some of our SILENT AUCTION ITEMS: photo 2

photo 3

 ●Handcrafted Goods from Ghana ( $100 value)

Includes: handwoven straw fan, cotton fabric clutch, handwoven wire bracelets, African black shea butter soap, trash can made of recycled water bottles, 2 giraffe pattern picture frames, and a bottle of California red wine

photo 1

Mandarina Duck Briefcase ( $300 value) 

Vin Lapel Pin-wearing(L) copy Vin Pendant-wearing(L) copy


Silver Pendant Brooch with Black Seed Pearls by EXRoyal ( $120 value)

photo 4

●Lazy Susan Picture Frame Set (Suede) ( $60 value)

photo 5

●Lazy Susan Picture Frame Set (Silver) ( $60 value)

photo 2

Marimekko Pieni Unikko Huppu Bag ( $99 value)


  ●Jasper Necklace by Kotomi Jewellery  ( $70 value)


●Necklace by Kotomi Jewellery ( $70 value)


● Michael Kors Green Jacket ( $495 value)


● Stag's Leap Wine Cellars S.L.V. Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley ( $150 value)


●Two 5 Classes Series at SoulCycle ($175 value x 2)

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.20.45 PM

SPANAlL $40 Gift Certificate for Ginza Modern Gel Polish Course


MakeMeaning $75 Gift Certificate


 ●VPL $50 Gift Certificate


●80min Personal Training & Lifestyle Consulting by Amy Blitz ($130 value)


●1 Hour Private Belly Dance Lesson by JAIDA  ($130 value)

 ●English/French 1 Hour private lesson by Thomas Levine ($50)

And here's a list of our LIVE AUCTION ITEMS!

That's not all, you'll also go home with an amazing goodie bag. Excited? So are we:)

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, December 10th! Remember, you MUST  register here to attend! 

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HappyDoll Annual Gala: Guests & Gifts Sneak Peek

photo 1

Why come to our Annual Holiday Gala? Here's a sneak peek of what to expect at the upcoming event!


Our Annual Holiday Gala will feature very special guests of honor, HappyDoll ambassador twins, Nithya and Kavya Borra.  The twins discovered our organization when they visited their mother at her office on Take Your Children to Work Day hosted by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi last August.  This was the beginning of our amazing friendship.

After participating in the HappyDoll stuffing session at the bank, the Borra Sisters reached out to us with a brilliant idea: As part of their trip to India to visit family in the summer, they nominated themselves as HappyDoll Ambassadors to deliver the dolls to children facing hardships in India.


As a result, the twins visited 2 organizations on their travels to India this summer -Valmiki Foundation Ashajyothi Foundation- where they hosted a HappyDoll session and delivered 160 decorated /100 blank dolls from the US.  The dolls decorated at these institutions in India have since traveled to children in GHANA.

At the Gala, the Borra Sisters will talk about their journey to India and their experience as HappyDoll ambassadors. Please join us for a special evening and meet our amazing ladies!


★ LUNCH FOR TWO at Junoon ($ 200 value)

★ DINNER FOR TWO at Bohemian.

★ ONE FOURSOME at Trump National Golf Club ($2,000 value)

Convinced? GOOD! Now go here and please click RSVP YES!

Stay tuned--We'll continue to post more about our gifts!

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HappyDoll's 3rd Annual Holiday Gala!


3rd Annual Holiday Gala


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH 6:30PM - 9PM RSVP REQUIRED (No Walk-ins) 1301 6th Avenue (between 52nd & 53rd street) The Cowen Group, 44th Floor Cocktails, Hors d'Oeuvres, Entertainment, Auctions and More! Dress Code: Business Casual

Thanks To YOUR Support, Our Dolls Have Traveled the World Connecting Thousands of Children with a Smile


DONATION LEVELS $1,000: Platinum Sponsor -includes 10 tickets to the Gala -20 adopted dolls

$500: Gold Sponsor -includes 5 tickets to the Gala -10 adopted dolls

$100: Silver Sponsor -includes 2 tickets to the Gala -2 adopted dolls

$50: Individual -includes 1 ticket to the Gala -1 adopted doll

*What does it mean to "adopt" a doll? If you RSVP and attend our Gala, you get to decorate a doll at the event and receive tracking numbers to track your dolls!

If you donate but cannot make it to the event, you will receive an email with tracking numbers of the HappyDolls which you have sponsored, decorated by other children.

*The auction item list will be updated on this blog and our facebook page so keep checking back!

The non-tax deductible portion of each ticket is $10. HappyDoll is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. HappyDoll.org is not affiliated with any other company or organization of similar name.

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The countdown for the GHANA trip has begun!

Plane ticket? Check. Suitcase? Check. Dolls? Absolutely!


Last month, we launched The Ghana Challenge, a project to deliver 500 decorated dolls to the children in the village of Bognayili. Thanks to the overwhelming support, we were able to raise a grand total of $2,343 for this project!  We are deeply moved by your enthusiasm and kindness.


Here are some of our friends who joined us to support the project:

● Columbia Business School

photo 2

Our HappyDoll Ambassador, Kazushi, and his classmates from the Columbia Business School Executive MBA Program decorated these amazing dolls!  

Jeff Coffey, a student in the program, shared this comment with us: "This was an amazing break during a pretty stressful weekend and that was the best I felt all day…..I guess that experience made everyone's day a little brighter :)" 

Kazushi will actually be joining us in Ghana, where he will help us carry out the decorating session!

● The Borra Sisters (Nithya & Kavya) photo 1

Our Twin HappyDoll Ambassadors, Nithya and Kavya, visited 2 organizations on their travels to India this summer -Valmiki Foundation &  Ashajyothi Foundation- where they hosted a HappyDoll session and delivered decorated dolls from the US.  They brought back over 150 dolls decorated at these institutions in India, which will soon find homes with the children in GHANA.

● We also received many dolls from friends, Etsy supporters, and schools!


Our friend, Shun, who was visiting from Japan happened to stop by at our office so we asked him and our volunteer, Kazue, to decorate a doll for THE GHANA CHALLENGE!



Suitcases were donated by our friends Tomoko Torii, President of  Harmony for Peace Foundation, and Min Um-Mandhyan, Development and Communications Director of The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault.   As you can see, many people have stepped up and joined us to make this project possible. We can't wait to see the look on the children's faces when they receive these dolls full of love and positive messages!

Once again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported this project and helped us spread the word.


Stay tuned for more from HappyDoll!

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THE GHANA CHALLENGE: Help us send 500 decorated HappyDolls to children in Ghana this fall.



Our HappyDoll Ambassador,Yukari Hara, living in Ghana has built a kindergarten in the village of Bognayili where hundreds of children now receive pre-school education. However, the children still live in challenging circumstances often without toys.

Throughout September, HappyDoll will embark on THE GHANA CHALLENGE, a project with a goal to give 500 HappyDolls to the children in Ghana. This will enable every single child in the village school to own a HappyDoll made by you.

We will hand-deliver your dolls in mid-October, so please be sure to send back your doll to our office by October 1st.

How to participate? Go to our Etsy page and donate to receive a HappyDoll to decorate. Please make sure to use the GHANA CHALLENGE PROMO CODE (HappyDollsForGhana) & get 5% off. **If you use this code, your decorated dolls will travel to GHANA once they return to our office**

Deadline: Your dolls must arrive at the HappyDoll office by OCTOBER 1st.

If you wish to JUST DONATE for the cause, click HERE.


Read Yukari Hara's Bio HERE

Stay tuned for more from HappyDoll!

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End of Summer Updates!

How did you spend your summer?
Here's a quick SUMMER UPDATE LIST of what we've been up to:

★We sent 110 decorated /110 blank dolls to children in UGANDA through our friend Kelsey, Co-Founder of ROWAN (Rural Orphans Widows AIDS Networks).

★HappyDoll Ambassador, Yukari Hara, delivered 170 decorated /170 blank dolls to  children in the village of Bognayili, GHANA.  She's planning to hold a HappyDoll session with her sisters in September. We will actually be visiting this village in the fall! We will keep you posted.

HappyDoll Ambassador Twins, Nithya & Kavya, traveled to INDIA and delivered  160 decorated /100 blank HappyDolls to orphanages. They even conducted a HappyDoll session on their own. Amazing girls!

★Over 900 dolls were stuffed during the Morgan Stanley Volunteer Month (6 sessions) & 400 more were stuffed at 4 other sessions at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi & Morgan Stanley New Jersey.

★Our HAPPYDOLL INTERNS (Emily, Elysha, and Ayaka) helped us deliver 126 HappyDoll Kits stuffed by Morgan Stanley employees to Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. We hope the kids will enjoy their dolls!
★25 Children at the St. Teresa Kindergarten in HONG KONG will be making HappyDolls to send to an orphanage in KENYA.

Finally, we would like to share that all of HappyDoll's financial reports are available on our website. (You can find it at the bottom of every page.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@happydoll.org anytime.
Stay tuned for more from HappyDoll!

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Morgan Stanley and HappyDoll Global Volunteer Month

Enjoying your summer?
We just finished collaborating with  Morgan Stanley for Global Volunteer Month!
Morgan Stanley’s Global Volunteer Month is an initiative that encourages employees to give back to their communities by engaging them in service projects.
We are so proud to be selected as one of the non-profit collaborators of this wonderful tradition--two years in a row!
The company's core values are putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and GIVING BACK.  
During the month of June, we had 6 sessions with 4 different departments and over 300 Morgan Stanley volunteers came together to make blank dolls to connect children around the world through HappyDolls.
It was nice to see many familiar faces, as well as many new ones. All of the participants were very dedicated, enthusiastic individuals. Two of the sessions were joint events with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi who also helped us spread the word! 
Usually, many volunteers get intimidated by the needles and shy away from sewing, but this time we noticed many people voluntarily trying their hand at sewing for the first time. In some cases, these "beginner sewers" were such naturals, it was almost as if they had discovered a hidden talent!
Our new interns--Haru, Elysha, and Emily were a huge help organizing this project. Our friends Yukiyo, Laia, and Mariko visiting from Japan, also came to support the project.
So how many blank HappyDolls did we make this month?

ANSWER: 985!!

We are blown away by this amazing accomplishment. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who  cut, stuffed, sewed the dolls and made this collaboration possible. The blank dolls made during this month will be sent to the children at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital and GHANA in the fall.
We go back to our regular schedule of 1 volunteer session a month at Morgan Stanley in September.  It will be a quiet summer for HappyDoll but stay tuned for our exciting "Back to School Project" we have planed for you!
Happy 4th, everyone!
-Help lift the spirits of children in need by donating to happydoll.org-

Happy Labdoo!

Our dearest friends, Jordi (founder of labdoo.org) & his wife Laia There are moments when you meet someone and feel a spark, a rush of excitement, an instant connection.  When we first met our friends, Jordi and Laia, that is exactly what we felt.

Since then, our friendship turned into a collaboration with Labdoo.org, an organization that Jordi founded in Barcelona to deliver excess laptops to children in developing countries by using grassroots social networking tools.  Through this project, our HappyDolls traveled to children in Nigeria and Dominican Republic!

In January, Jordi and his wife, Laia, surprised us with the news that they will be living in  New York for a few months. We were ecstatic, and Laia joined us many times as a volunteer at our stuffing sessions.  Sadly, it's time for our friends to return to Spain, but we won't say good bye just yet since we know we will see each other again very soon.


The couple has given us a lovely parting gift--a panel of pictures of the collaboration. Message on the panel: "Thank you for spreading joy around the world and for all the wonderful collaborative work."


A big thank you to Jordi, Laia, and Labdoo.org. We can't wait to collaborate with you again.

Bon voyage and see you soon!

Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting news coming your way…

-Help lift the spirits of children in need by donating to happydoll.org-