Where the dolls will go (or can we specify)?

At first, the dolls travel to a few places such as birthday parties, schools and/or organizations and children decorate them. After decoration process is done, you return them so we donate them to children in needs.

We always seek new places to send not only in the States but also around the world so if you know or have any personal connections where you want us to send them, please share your thoughts with us.

What exactly is in a doll kit?

In an each doll kit, you find a blank doll, several fabric markers, a postcard, and a return label, plus one travel buddy that was decorated by someone else. When you finish decorating, please return your "finished" doll along with as well "travel buddy" to us.

How long does it take to ship once an order is placed?

Once we prepare the package, we send it from our local post office in NY. It all depends on where you live, and it usually takes 2-7 days.

What is the process of requesting dolls? Do the dolls come partially decorated by kids from other places and we add further additional decorations?

We have volunteers all over the States to handmade the dolls, and they are blank without any decoration. The schools, organizations or parents will then request and donate to decorate the dolls. Every-time blank dolls are sent to be decorated, a few already-decorated dolls will be sent along as the "travel buddies". These travel buddies were decorated by other children and meant to be played with as your children aren't going to keep the ones they are going to decorate. (One of our missions is to let the children know that "giving is as great as receiving".) So to answer the question, no, you will receive the brand new blank dolls to decorate while some decorated travel buddies will come along with your package.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, but we ask you to pay the postage.

How do we receive the dolls and send it back to you?

We will send the dolls through USPS. Each package will have a return label with our address on it. You are free to send us back the packages via whichever mail carrier you wish.

How to request MSTERIO dolls?

You can order them online, under "Get Involved", and choose the quantity of the doll kits you wish to received. We will process your requests on the same day or the next day. If you wish to receive larger quantity of dolls or concern about donation, please click here to contact us.