With the exchange, your school can create MSTERIO gifts specifically for another school somewhere in the world. 

school exchange

Once the postcards are filled out, each student is given a blank doll. On one side, each student is instructed to decorate this side to be a “self-portrait” and on one arm include a quote that defines them. Once they are done with their self-portrait, the students exchange their dolls with their partner, and on the blank side decorate the doll to look like their partner, also including a quote on one arm that defines their partner.

What happens after the dolls are decorated? Each student will then be given one doll from the exchange school to play with and keep. We encourage each student to take the time reading the other student’s postcard, and gain an understanding of the student at the exchange school.

From here, we’d like to encourage students to write a Thank You note to their new friends and create a lifelong connection.