Doll Kit (suggested donation $25)

Sponsor a MSTERIO doll gift. It's only a SUGGESTED $25 tax-deductible donation.

Included in the box:

  1. One numbered blank cloth doll for your child to personalize
  2. One numbered sanitized doll to play with (previously personalized by another child)
  3. A set of 5 child-friendly, non-toxic, non-permanent markers
  4. A card to record the numbers to track and to draw the image of your doll
  5. A shipping label to return both dolls and markers (we sanitize them and photograph them before sending on to another child)

Remember, each gift is uniquely personalized by your child then forwarded on to another child and eventually given to a child in need somewhere in the world. It's the gift that literally keeps on giving!

Jot down the numbers on the doll gifts so you can track them in our system and see where they travel to. 

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